Russian experience

The Narvinsky tunnel for Amur leopards protection

The construction of the tunnel under the Narvinsky mountain pass started in February, 2012, Primorsky Province, Far East. Four years later it was opened and the area became safe for the rare Amur leopards. The population of their species recently was estimated as 30-45 animals.

On the 26th of March 2016 the automobiles left the road to the inhabitants of the Leopard National Park, situated on both sides of the Razdolnoye-Khasan highway.

Second exit of Sportivnaya metro station-St Petersburg

The second exit of Sportivnaya is in the historical part of the city immediately under the square where Makarova Quay and Kadetskaya Line of Vasilyevsky Island meet, near an exit to Tuchkov Bridge and Malaya Neva River. The shortest distance from subway structures to the river is 5.8 m, to historical buildings 5 m.

2018 Soccer World Cup - Novokrestovskaya station

Novokrestovskaya station is an intermediate station on the Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya line of St. Petersburg’s subway between Primorskaya and Begovaya stations. It is one of construction objects in the city to be completed for the 2018 Soccer World Cup. 

Construction of Teatralnaya subway station in St. Petersburg

This station was supposed to be built in 2014‒2018, but the deadlines have been shifted.  There have been three tenders for construction of this station. The first one, in 2014, failed because of lack of interest. Metrostroy won the second in April of 2015 and started to relocate utilities.

The Alyabino-Baltyisky tunnel is opened in Moscow

This 6-lanes transport tunnel is one of the hardest from the point of implementation projects in Moscow. The length of the covered section is 1.5 km, the maximum depth is 22.5 m. The total cost of work is about 70 billion Rub.

Lakhta center :zero stage of the construction in SPb

The construction of the underground part of the Saint-Petersburg’s skyscraper should be finished by August, 2015.  The construction and project managers told us about unique technological solutions and world records.

Pedestrian underpass between ‘the Small Hermitage” and “The Large Hermitage”

At present the museum staff use Schuvalovsky passage between two buildings of the Hermitage museum complex to pass from building to building. But according to the new concept of the museum renovation, the passage will be soon opened for general public.  Therefore the creation of the underpass for the staff needs became relevant.

Kola super-deep well

The boring of the well on the Kola peninsula started on the 24 of May, 1970, in order to explore the internal structure of the Earth. Such a project is interesting for the scientists from all over the world, since it may help to solve a lot of the mysteries and challenges.

Leningradskaya nuclear power plant (NPP-2)

The safety system configuration of NPP-2 exceeds all others known to date. All constructors participating in the project meet unprecedented safety and quality requirements.

The second stage of the State Academic Theatre Mariinsky

New technology of construction of embedded structures of a big square was developed for complicated geotechnical conditions in high density areas.