Russian experience

The metro of Novosibirsk and its longest metro bridge

Novosibirsk is the third city in Russia by population and at the scale of the total area it is ranked as the 13th. It was founded in 1893 as “the capital of Siberia”. Novosibirsk’s metro system will have 5 lines in the future.

St Petersburg metro - station Yugo-Zapadnaya

Yugo-Zapadnaya is a station of the new Krasnosel'sko-Kalininskaya line, which is currently under construction in Saint Petersburg. The project name of the station is Kazakovskaya. It was renamed in 2013 by the City Administration’s decree.

Simultaneously, the station Putilovskaya is being constructed at the same line, it will be the interchange station with the existing Kirovsky Zavod station. 

Underground Moscow: reconstruction of The Bolshoi Theatre

The historic centres of the large modern cities have not enough space for the modern city life. This fact can be improved with the help of the underground construction. The cultural objects follow the pattern and expand into the soil.

Teatralnaya - phantom metro station in Saint Petersburg

Teatralnaya is the metro station of the Saint Petersburg metro system, which is currently under construction. Its underground hall will be situated at the Teatralnaya square in the close vicinity of the two stages of the famous Mariinsky theatre.  

Metro station Bolshoi Prospekt in Saint Petersburg

The Bolshoi Prospekt station (with the design name being Gorny institute after the Mining University situated near) is the new metro station of the Lakhtinsko-Pravoberezhnaya line under construction. It will be next to the station Teatralnaya near the Mariinsky theatre and Spasskaya at the Sennaya square. When will this station appear on the metro scheme as operating?  

Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP shore spillway

The safety of hydropower facilities is always a relevant question, especially when it is about such a large object as the Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydro-Electric Power Station.

For preventing the flooding of the surrounding area under flooded condition the special spillway facility started operating in 2011 with the spillway capacity of 13,090 cubic metres per second of water.

Bridge Zatonsky and road tunnel in Ufa

The construction of the road tunnel connecting federal highways M-7 “Volga” and M-5 “Ural” will help to improve the existing transport infrastructure. The tunnel will connect the center of the city with the districts on the right bank of the river Ufa.

The metro station Michurinsky prospect in Moscow

For the first time the metro station Michurinsky prospect appeared in the plan of the Moscow metro system development in 1965 with the first project of the Solntsevsky radius.

The Kamenny Island Theatre renovation in St Petersburg

The project of the The Kamenny Island Theatre adjustment for the modern uses won the gold medal of the Europe’s leading trade fair for conservation, restoration and old building renovation DENKMAL under UNESCO auspices in 2010.  The medal was won in the category “for Outstanding Achievements in Heritage Conservation” for the impressive documentation of restoration and heritage conservation in Russia. The implementation of the project took six years.  

Reconstruction and restoration of the General Staff Building

The building of the General Staff is a part of the architectural ensemble of the Palace Square in Saint Petersburg. It was constructed by the famous architect of Italian origin Carlo Rossi in 1819-1829. Its façades decorate the main square of the city and the Moyka river embankment. The five-story building has five inner yards.The load carrying arches made of bricks working as compressive reinforcement are the design feature of the original project.