The Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space

The Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space is an international non-governmental association actively promoting partnerships among all actors in the field of planning management, research and usage of urban underground space.

The membership in the ACUUS is open to international, national and local institutions, governmental agencies, private and public agencies and organizations. [show more]

As such, the ACUUS works in the following directions:

  • Support and services to the national organizations and research ceners conduction similar activities in view of enhancing their linkages and international visibility;
  • Facilitation of the exchanges between the clientele and the expert knowledge worldwide as regards the potentialities and techniques of expansion in the urban underground;
  • Raising the awareness of the private sector, the governments at all levels and the general public on the specific issues related to the usage of the urban underground.

The ACUUS strives to bind these levels into a cohesive network of mutual cooperation for the benefit of all parties involved. In accordance, through the electronic (Internet) and the other means of communication, the ACUUS provides:

  • Coordination, planning and organization of special international events;
  • Advice and relevant information to institutions and decision-makers;
  • Forum and support of policies for sustainable urban underground development;
  • Promotion of strategies and actions for integrated planning and management of the urban underground space.
  • Identification of critical underground issues of local, urban and regional importance;
  • Support to members and associated organizations in the developing countries;
  • Organization of international exhibitions dedicated to the planning of urban underground usage and to the architectural design of underground spaces.

The new Board of Directors 2013 will be announced soon.

Cooperation Agreement between Not-for-profit Partnership Association of Builders of Underground Structures and Industrial and Civil Facilities and Associated research Centers for Urban Underground Space was signed in Singapore on 6th of November, 2012.


   Postal address: ACUUS Secretariat, 34 Seville, Dollard-des-Ormeaux (Quebec), CANADA H9B 2S5 

   Att.: Jacques Besner, General manager

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The ITA Committee on Underground Space

“The ITA Committee on Underground Space (ITACUS) has been setup to address the issue of Underground Space Use worldwide and to raise awareness with regards to both the actual use and the need to develop a vision on the use which allows for planning the use of underground space.”

Registered in Lausanne, Switzerland. With participation  opened  to all professionals and experts representing organizations or institutions involved into underground construction, ITACUS offers members  benefits like becoming part of a global network of experts who are prepared to share their knowledge and experience. [show more]

ITACUS aims to rise the awareness on underground space use and the planning of underground space use. 

“Furthering the development of visions on urban underground space use and rational use of underground space through planning techniques is essential. The ITA Committee on Underground Space has been created specifically to bring together professionals from around the world to address these issues.” ITACUS official site

ITACUS already published two White Papers and plans more to be published. The published ones were “Underground Space Q&A” and “Planning the use of underground space”  respectively. Also Committee, being a part of ITA, organizes Open Sessions during WTC. Also ITACUS has joined ITA-CET and supports its aims and goals. 

ITACUS is led by the Steering Board. 

As off 1 January 2010 the Steering Board is formed by: professor Han Admiraal (chairman), professor Ray Sterling (vice-chairman), Antonia Cornaro (secretary-general), professor Shi Xiaodong, Illka Vähäaho, Jean-Paul Godard and professor Tetsuya Hanamura.

All meetings are conducted in English. Documents are only available in English.

Any interested party my join Committee by completing the application form at official Committee website -

Cooperation agreement between Not-for-profit Partnership Association of Builders of Underground Structures and Industrial and Civil Facilities and the Committee for Underground Space of the International Tunnelling Association was signed in Singapore on 9th of November, 2012. 



   ITA-AITES Secretariat  c/o EPFL GC D 1 402 (Bât. GC) Station 18 CH - 1015 Lausanne 

   Tel: + 41 21 693 23 10

   Fax: + 41 21 693 41 53 

   E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Finnish Tunnelling Association

“Underground construction builds a better tomorrow for us all”

The Finnish Tunnelling Association (MTR-FTA) has worked in underground construction since 1974. It brings together top experts who are committed to promoting the research, planning and construction as well as the diverse and versatile use of underground spaces. 

The fundamental purpose of FTA is to promote general qualifications as to tunnelling investigation, design, engineering and applications.  FTA organizes meetings, seminars and lectures. [show more]

Finnish experts belong to the highest international level in the field of hard rock engineering. MTR-FTA represents Finland in the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA).


   Pia Vasko (Ms.) Secretary RIL, Töölönkatu 4, FI - 00100 Helsinki
   Tel +358 (0)207 120 603

   Ilkka Vähäaho (Mr.) International co-operation Helsinki City Real Estate Department Geotechnical Division
   Tel +358 500 464 132


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