TBM Nadezhda completed its work for FIFA 2018

Another section of the Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya metro line in St Petersburg was completed in August. The construction is a part of the preparation work for the FIFA World Cup 2018. 

The pedestrian tunnel will be constructed in Kaliningrad

The City of Kaliningrad allocated 48 million rubles for the construction of the pedestrian tunnel under the Vysoky bridge

Long-delayed construction on the border of Russia and Norway

In 2014, the concept of the road tunnel between Murmansk (Russia) and Kirkenes (Norway) was actively discussed. The initial negotiations progressed quite favourably and the tunnel was planned to be opened by the end of 2016.

However, the political and economic issues caused delays, creating another long-term infrastructure object’s construction site.

Project Intensive 20: The State Tretyakov Gallery & Metro

The modern joint educational project of the Moscow metro and the State Tretyakov Gallery Intensive XX was awarded “Urban Design” at the Moscow Urban Forum 2017 Community Awards. The awards recognise the contributions to the development of Moscow. 

The 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup first day brings 1.8 million passengers to Saint Petersburg metro

According to the St. Petersburg Metro SUE officials, the working schedules of all the Saint Petersburg metro stations were changed on June 17. The local metro stations usually are opened approximately until midnight, but now they stayed opened until 1.30 am for the Confederations Cup fans.