Mission and objectives


undergroundexpert.info is information resource of  expert community of underground space use specialists. Capturing lessons learned from city-panning and underground infrastructure projects worldwide, undergroundexpert.info creators suggest ways of efficient development of metropolitan areas.


  • promotion of relevant information regarding underground space development in Russia and Worldwide, providing thus conditions for increasing of volume of  underground structures’ design and building;
  • collecting relevant data for authorities and decision makers of all levels, to avoid possible negative effect of decisions taken in poor informational conditions;
  • simplification of exchange of information between specialists, scientific community, authorities and media, drawing attention to positive image of underground infrastructure development;
  • networking within professional society for effective solutions for underground projects' multiple tasks like legislation, investment, recruitment policy and payout period issues;


undergroundexpert.info is a centralized source of information on the development of the underground space. One can find here papers, publications, research works regarding planning and design, construction, operating and safety of underground facilities. Different aspects of complex underground space use like legislative, administrative and economic are described in these documents. Also some interesting facts about history of underground construction and significant projects and achievements are presented in respective sections. 


The initiative behind the creation of the global Internet portal belongs to Association of Underground Builders and Designers

Professional association “Association of underground builders” and “Association of underground builders - Design”  are the only self-regulatory organization specializing in underground space use challenges.  This associations affiliate organizations involved into metro construction, tunneling, trenchless technologies, construction of underground facilities.

According to the Partnership policy it is necessary to consider foreign colleagues experience and to invite lead specialists for further issues solving: complex use of underground space long-term urban planning development; improvement of the laws for fund-raising  in underground construction sector; development and harmonization of engineering regulations; modern human resourcing, additional training, specialists advanced training and certification, work placement and  training in foreign countries; implementation of advanced technologies, equipment and materials, leading in the field countries best practices use; workshops and seminars, participation in underground construction local and international exhibitions and events, promoting underground construction in media and at special and construction-related events.

With intention to implement those assigned task AUB joined international organizations involved in underground space use:   Committee on Underground Space ITA (ITACUS), Associated research Centers for Urban Underground Space (ACUUS). Cooperation Agreement with Finnish Society for Trenchless Technology is signed and cooperation agreement with Finnish Tunnelling Association is prepared and agreed.

Association of Underground Builders and Designers acts in close cooperation with specific higher learning institutions, leading research and design institutions of Russia, major construction, design and public organizations in the field of underground construction. Association is ready to act as a liaison between Russian and foreign specialists and authorities for further underground space use development. Aiming to do so, this portal was launched to facilitate sustainable planning and development of underground space in Russian and in the world. 

Supporting organizations

The following organizations supported the idea of portal’s creation: 

  • International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA)
  • The ITA Committee on Underground Space (ITACUS)
  • The Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space  (ACUUS)
  • The Committee for Development of Underground Space of the National Association of Builders of Russia
  • International Society for Trenchless Technologies (ISTT)
  • Russian Society for Trenchless Technologies (RSTT)
  • Finnish Society for Trenchless Technologies (FiSTT)
  • Finnish Tunnelling Association
  • Iberian Society for Trenchless Technologies (IbSTT)
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