Metro station Bolshoi Prospekt in Saint Petersburg

The Bolshoi Prospekt station (with the design name being Gorny institute after the Mining University situated near) is the new metro station of the Lakhtinsko-Pravoberezhnaya line under construction. It will be next to the station Teatralnaya near the Mariinsky theatre and Spasskaya at the Sennaya square. When will this station appear on the metro scheme as operating?  

The Basil island - Saint Petersburg

The Basil island, Saint Petersburg

Start of the construction:2016
Completion of the construction: November 2019
Customer: The Committee for Transport Infrastructure Development of Saint Petersburg
General designer: JSC NIPII “Lenmetrogiprotrans”
General contractor: JSC Metrostroy
Subcontractor: CJSC “SMU-11 Metrostroy”, ООО“SMU #13 Metrostroy”

In the future the extension of the Lakhtinsko-Pravoberezhnaya line to the Morskoy Fasad station in the port and then to the high-rise of the business complex Lakhta Center, so called Gazprom tower, is planned.

The design project of the section between Spasskaya and Bolshoi Prospekt had been finished by March, 2017. The Bolshoi Prospekt station will be constructed at the crossing of the 25 and 26 lines of Basil Island and Bolshoi prospect.  The head office of the State Expertise Department gave its positive review and the builders started working.

The contract has it as 2 tunnels 5.63 m in diameter and 5.5 km long. 

The Bolshoi Prospekt station central hall

The Bolshoi Prospekt station central hall, JSC NIPII “Lenmetrogiprotrans”  

Details of the construction

This line of the Saint Petersburg metro system is one of the deepest. Usually, the construction period for deep leveled lines is about 5 years for such length, with the funding being kept as planned.

Geotechnical conditions at the section Spasskaya – Bolshoi Prospekt are within the standard for Saint Petersburg. The upper part of the soil consists of the quaternary deposits, at the depth of 30-40 m there are hard Cambrian Proterozoic clays. The route of the tunnel lies under the main corridor of the Neva River, but no anomalies are foreseen in the zone of the construction.  

The depth of the level of the running tunnels and underground hall of the Bolshoi Prospekt station is 70 m. The type of the station is a pylon station. Russian made TBM are used for the tunneling  - КТ- 5.6-1. 

Side hall of the Bolshoi Prospekt  station

Side hall of the Bolshoi Prospekt  station, JSC NIPII “Lenmetrogiprotrans” 

Progress of work

By March 2017 the necessary preparation work had been completed for the tunneling at the shaft #572 on Basil Island: the shaft had been put down, the mining complex had been mounted as well as the TBM.  After the 230 m of the access tunnels are completed, the TBM will appear at the route of the first line and will start the construction of the running section 2,100 m long towards the Teatralnaya station.  

Construction of the access tunnel

Construction of the access tunnel

At the same time, the pit is under construction for the TBM Aurora, which will bore the inclined escalator tunnel, on the corner of Kosaya line and Bolshoi prospect. Here the hall of the Bolshoi Prospekt station will be located. According to the schedule Aurora will start tunneling in 2017.  

At the construction site of the shaft #574, situated at the Teatralnaya square, the mounting pit is under construction. The tunneling of the second running tunnel 3 km long from the Teatralnaya station to the Bolshoi Prospekt station will start from here. The tunneling will start in the summer of 2017.

For your information:
Since the city still has no determination regarding the site for the construction of the above ground or underground  hall at the Teatralnaya square, the trains will pass the Teatralnaya station without stops for a time. The lower part of the station will be built completely.

There was the same situation with the construction of the Admiralteyskaya station. The trains had been passing it for 14 years, when the construction of the above ground hall started.  

Basil Island has busy roads – Kadetskaya line, 2017

Basil Island has busy roads – Kadetskaya line, 2017

Metro development plan

It is worth to mention, the start of the operation of the Bolshoi Prospekt station will improve the Basil Island’s transport issues, although will not erase them completely. Obviously, the over-crowded stations Primorskaya and Vasileostrovskaya will receive the trains loaded in the North of the city, where two new stations will be constructed – Novokrestovskaya and Begovaya. The Novokrestovakaya station and the Begovaya station will have been put into operation by 2018, the year of the football World Cup in Russia.

The development scheme of the Lakhtinsko-Primorskaya line

The development scheme of the Lakhtinsko-Primorskaya line

In the future it is planned to extend the Lakhtinsko-Primorskaya line to the port station Morskoy Fasad and later to continue the construction to the Lakhta center and further to the north toward the Sestroretsk town. JSC NIPII “Lenmetrogiprotrans” reports about the negotiations regarding concessionary agreement for the extension of the line from Morskoy Fasad to the Lakhta center station.

If the agreements are reached, the JSC NIPII “Lenmetrogiprotrans” specialists will start designing the unique line. It is known that the line will be underground in the future project, but no details revealed so far. 

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