Bridge Zatonsky and road tunnel in Ufa

The construction of the road tunnel connecting federal highways M-7 “Volga” and M-5 “Ural” will help to improve the existing transport infrastructure. The tunnel will connect the center of the city with the districts on the right bank of the river Ufa.

Name of the project: Road tunnel in the city of Ufa
General customer: State Committee for the construction and architecture of the Republic of Bashkortostan
General Contractor: ФГУП“УС№30”
Location:the Republic of Bashkortostan, the city of Ufa
Start of the construction: 1992
Completion: not determined

Panorama Ufa

Panorama Ufa, Russia

The road tunnel in Ufa

The four-lane road tunnel in Ufa is one of the well-known Russian uncompleted construction project which has been started back in Soviet time. Its history started 25 years ago when the construction was started after the regulation of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bashkortostan issued on February 28, 1992.

The main customer was the State Committee for the construction and architecture of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the main contractor - ФГУП«УС№30», one of the largest Russian enterprises in the field of tunneling, which is still active.

The works to development of the access shaft started first, the headings in the Northern, Middle and Southern parts of the tunnel route were executed. The access and the first section were performed with the cut-and-cover method, than the tunneling started. In total 250 meters were made. But in 2004 the construction stopped due to the lack of funding. 

construction of road tunnel

The construction of the road tunnel in Ufa

The cost of implementing the project

In the expert’s view, the project created during the Soviet era did not go out of date essentially. Although it needs some corrections, especially concerning the engineering systems and security measures. Besides, additional geotechnical surveys are needed.

In spite of the difficult economic situation the local authorities are determined to finish the project. The construction of the tunnel was included into the State program for the transport infrastructure of the Republic of Bashkortostan development. Maksim Sokolov, the Transport Minister of Russian Federation announced the resumption of the construction of the Ufa road tunnel.  

When implemented the project will become one of the most significant in terms of length (about  1,245m) and depth (about 50 m below the daylight surface) among road tunnels in Russia.

The cost is estimated as 9.7 billion rubles

The Zatonsky Bridge

The new bridge crossing of the river Belaya in the Zaton sub-district of Ufa will become a part of the modern highway connecting the city with the federal highways. The bridge crossing will be 836 m long and the navigation pass will be 130 m wide.  There are 5 projects of the bridge crossings are planned in total to complete the connection of the city with the country.

The Zatonsky bridge is one of the most successful projects of Ufa’s infrastructure projects in the last years.  Its construction started in 2013 годуand was completed ahead of the schedule. The opening happened on October 7, 2016 with the Transport Minister of Russian Federation Maksim Sokolov being in attendance.

The bridge provided the best possible connection between federal highways M-5 and М-7 and also the easy access to the center of the city from the federal highway М-7 “Volga”.

According to statistic data about 30% of the vehicles entering the Ufa “peninsula” pass the Zatonsky bridge. The general contractor was JSC “Uralmostostroy”.

The cost of the implementation was 1.5 billion rubles and came from the federal budget funding. 

Investments and perspectives of the transport construction of Ufa

The road  connecting all the points of the new transport infrastructure project will come out of the tunnel and pass the bridge across the river Ufa (the right tributary of the river Belaya), which is 974 m long and will connect the banks of the river near the sport center “Tramplin”.

At present the project of the bridge is under development.
The estimated cost of the implementation is 12 billion rubles.

Recently the Federal Highway Agency of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation (Rosavtodor) declared its intention to support the construction of the tunnel with the opening to the bridge crossing of the river Ufa in the framework of the public-private partnership program.

Tunnel access

Tunnel access

Besides, one of the largest credit and financial companies of Russia plans to invest into the transport infrastructure as well. The construction of the modern highway with the tunnel as its key element will allow dividing the connecting traffic and opening the way to the territories on the right bank of the river Ufa, supporting Zaufim’ye district development. 

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