The Alyabino-Baltyisky tunnel is opened in Moscow

This 6-lanes transport tunnel is one of the hardest from the point of implementation projects in Moscow. The length of the covered section is 1.5 km, the maximum depth is 22.5 m. The total cost of work is about 70 billion Rub. - victorprofessor

The difficulty of the project is in the location of the construction set, the new tunnel was planned under 2 other road tunnels, 3 metro tunnels of the Zamoskvoretskaya Line, under the functioning railway and busy Leningradsky prospect. - victorprofessor

In September of 2013 the operating was started in one of the directions. The construction work of  the second part of the tunnel was finished in January, 2015. But some difficulties with the official papers did not allow starting operation then. - victorprofessor

The tunnel became fully operated by 25th of December, 2015.