The second stage of the State Academic Theatre Mariinsky

New technology of construction of embedded structures of a big square was developed for complicated geotechnical conditions in high density areas.

The important technological feature of the project is that excavation had been carried out under the plate with a trenchless method, providing safeness of surrounding area.

This method is often used for metro construction. Thanks to this technology and special technics and machines conveyors, small excavators, including electric, excavation works are carried out under the surface, and worked out ground is supplied to the surface through the shaft. This allowed protecting environmental residential development adjacent to the project, as well as the canal and the bridges near.

The underground part of the building is a monolithic construction with pile foundation, bottom slab mark is at 11 m, floor slabs at - 8, - 5, +1.  Soils in the pit are heterogeneous, varying from water-bearing sandy silt to fluidal clay-bearing soils and clays. Also the site is the close proximity to the channel.  

Reinforcement of the pits walls for construction of underground part of the building in historic center of 150x80m and the depth of 12m was performed with jet-grouting method.  Around the perimeter diaphragm wall was constructed. ”Top-down” method was implemented, thus within a short period of time the site was prepared in the high-density block.  Monitoring of possible cracks in bearing constructions of surrounding building was performed by the general designer of the theatre JSK “KB ViPS”.

New building (Second stage) of The State Academic Mariinsky Theatre (former The Kirov Opera and Ballet Theatre) has 9 floors, including 3 subsurface  

Metro construction technologies including jet grouting, trenchless method of excavation, and others engineering solutions, influenced greatly construction method for the stage and allowed completing the project in time and successfully.