Saint Petersburg metro: 2000 tunnel rings installed

During the night on March 27 JSC Metrostroy workers installed the tunnel ring which became 2000th ring at the section of the double-track tunnel between the stations Novokrestovskaya and Primorskaya. The station Novokrestovskaya is the new metro station of the Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya line. It will be constructed for the World Cup 2018 near the new stadium on Krestovsky Island. With the mark of 2000 tunnel rings being reached, the tunneling work entered its final phase.

TBM named Nadezhda breaking though the double-track tunnel

TBM named Nadezhda breaking though the double-track tunnel

The tunneling work is planned to be completed by July 2017. The construction is performed 24/7, the exceptions are the operational stops for the cable and conveyer extensions. 

The length of the section between Primorskaya and Novokrestovskaya stations is 1,969 m and more than 500 m has already been completed. The TBM maintenance was executed in the same time as the TBM was carried thought the station Novokrestovaskaya, then the speed of the tunneling became fixed again and equals to 12-15 meters per day (7-9 tunnel rings). The geological conditions along the route are homogeneous with a small quantity of boulders.

The new stadium construction

The new stadium construction

Simultaneously the arrangements of the track facilities are performed at the already completed section from the construction pit to the station Novokrestovskaya: the construction of the rigid basement, closing of the vent shaft, laying the track concrete base and laying of the track panel.

The construction of the Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya line is being actively implemented at all the construction sites. In the future this section will serve for the World Cup 2018 guests and later for visitors of the recreational zones of the island. The section also will link Primorsky district and the existing metro system.  

Based on information of the Committee for the Transport Development of Saint Petersburg  

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