The pedestrian tunnel in Khabarovsk has 96 meters completed

The reconstruction of the pedestrian tunnel as part of the railway station system is in progress at present in Khabarovsk, Russia. 

The Railway in Khabarovsk

The Railway Station of Khabarovsk

Start of operation – 2017 (summer)  
The project cost - 641 million rubles

The section 96 meters long has been repaired now. The total length of the tunnel is 116 meters. The builders started the last part of the construction work, the section under the rails #10 and #12.  After its completion the tunnel will get its final finishing, the equipment and utility lines will be installed.

The tunnels will be equipped with the elevators, escalators, modern ventilation system, security and fire alarms, information system and CCTV. Also it will be completely accessible for people with limited mobility.

Based on the results of the tender the main contractor “RosStroyMontazh” was chosen in 2015. Construction and installation work started immediately after.

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