Metro station Strelka is 55% ready in Nizhny Novgorod

According to the report of workers to the Governor during the inspection, the completion of the construction of the new Nizhny Novgorod metro station and running tunnels has reached 55%. 

The station Strelka will be the terminal station of the line Sormovsko-Mescherskaya. This station is one of the infrastructure projects planned to be constructed for the World Cup 2018.
Similar project in St.Petersburg

Metro Strelka map

Nizhny Novgorod metro development scheme

At present, the construction phase includes installation of the in-situ reinforced concrete constructions, reinforcing and concreting of the ticket hall walls and waterproofing measures.  

From the total area of 2,100 of the track superstructure 1,700 has already been concreted. The rails will be installed in February according to the plan.

The number of employees at the construction site will be increased in March 2017 twice.

This year all the installation and construction works are scheduled to be completed. The station is due to be opened in spring of 2018. During the World Cup the capacity will reach 25-30 thousand people per day, for the rest the expected capacity of the station will be 8-12 thousand per day.

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