TBM Nadezhda arrives at the metro station Novokrestovskaya

On January 19, 2017 the TBM named Nadezhda, the name translates as “Hope” from Russian, arrived at the new metro station on the Novokrestovsky island in Saint Petersburg after boring double-track tunnel. The station will be constructed within the framework of preparation works for the World Cup 2018.

TBM named Nadezhda arrived at the new metro station in Saint Petersburg

The Saint Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko congratulated the metro construction workers with the completion of another phase of the Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya line section:

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to those, who work here, especially engineers, finding new solutions to make the life of our city better. I do thank you and I wish you further successful work in the best interests of our beautiful city.

About 3 km of the double-track tunnel were bored, there were placed 1679 tunnel rings 1.8 m wide. During its construction period the TBM moved through the boulders zone, through the station Begovaya and then ran deeper under the park named after the 300 anniversary of the city, made it under the water of the Bolshaya Nevka river and finally reached metro station Novokrestovskaya. Some cardinal engineering decisions were made to ensure shorter section’s construction time period.  

Vadim Alexandrov Metrostroy

Vadim Alexandrov, the general director of JSC Metrostroy, the main city metro contractor stressed:

The most difficult work was performed. It is hard to describe all the challenges we had to overcome, how many boulders we had to crush and how much mix was placed taking all possible methods.  Nevertheless, 3000 meters were excavated, now we are certain that the new stations will be completed by the time of the World Cup 2018.

For the sake of minimizing the construction period the logistics was transferred to the area of the Novokrestovskaya station. Now the transportation of the lining details and the excavated soil will be executed by the shorter route. 

At present Nadezhda has to be repaired according to the schedule of maintenance. Specialists will check all the machinery and equipment of the TBM and replace the damaged details of the cutting tool.

The scheduled time for the completion of the construction - February 2018.

The maintenance work will take about month, then the TBM will complete two more kilometers, passing below the Malaya Neva river. The tunneling will be finished when the TBM reaches the dismantling pit, situated 500 m aside of the metro station Primorskaya. The scheduled time is summer of 2017. 

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