Metrostroy produced the first travelator in Russia

The presentation of the first autowalk travelator for passengers produced in Russia was celebrated on December 6, 2016.

The event took place at the productive department of the JSC SMU-9 – a part of  JSC Metrostroy. 

We used the same approach as at the Soviet times: aiming for the endless working lifespan of the structural elements, the only limit their technological obsolescence,- commented Alexey Ukhanov, JSC SMU-9 general director. 

the first travelator in Russia

The presentation of the first autowalk travelator for metro passengers in Russia

The travelators will be installed at the new stations of so-called Frunzensky radius – the extension of the Line 5, in total there will be 12 travelators.

The machinery will be supplied in March-June, 2017, than the mantling will begin. For the first time the travelators were used in metro of Saint Petersburg for the construction of the second exit of the Sportivnaya station in 2015 (read about construction of the second exit of the Sportivnaya)


Travelator on the the second exit of the Sportivnaya station, St. Petersburg

For the passenger tunnel under the Neva river the German made equipment was used. Now it is planned to install local travelators at all the lines of the metro, including the subsurface stations or long pedestrian crossings.   

At the moment the authorities consider the perspective of producing by Metrostroy the travelators for Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya line and its new stations under construction Begovaya, and Novokrestovaskaya.

Besides the travelators SMU-9 produces also two types of escalators: standard and narrow railed.  The later will be installed at the station Prospect Slavy at Frunzensky radius. 

The good guide rails are very important for escalator construction. This is why we work carefully with the escalator frame with the precise accuracy up to millimeters.

The ancillary parts   - steps, chains, etc. – can be replaced, we buy these details from other Saint Petersburg manufactures. 

Metro requires them to be identical. The only parts not manufactured in Saint Petersburg are the gear sets. But we buy them from Russian manufactures. Pricing is much different. We may produce 3-4 sets per year,
- commented Alexey Ukhanov.

Own production gave opportunity for digital analysis of the escalator mounting seat with the possibility to develop unique designing later.

SMU-9 created a design bureau for such needs.

Technical characteristics of the travelators of St Petersburg metro:

Model: KP-12-6,9

Standard step width – 1 m

Average speed -  0.75 m/s

Maximum permitted angle of inclination - 12 degrees


The first autowalk travelator for metro passengers in Russia

Russian travelators advantages:

  • Controlling system is of a sensor type and the screen reflects all the necessary data and running operations.
  • Steps pallets are made of steel instead of aluminum, which makes the structure more steady and sustainable.
  • Rollers, made of polyurethane, are more abrasion-proof and less noisy. These rollers are usually the most abrasive element in any machine.
  • Travelators have two horizontal platforms for more safety passenger traffic. 

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