Tunnel passageways under the Suez Canal will be completed by 2018

Egyptian companies Arab Contractors (AC) and Orascom Contractors started the construction of 3 transport tunnels under the Suez Canal. 

The construction work is a part of the large Suez Canal development project aiming to connect major transportation arteries - rail and road transport. 

The transport infrastructure development is expected to secure economic growth in the region.

Two road tunnels will be constructed in Port Said to the North of the Suez Canal. The third rail tunnel will connect the Eastern and the Western parts of the Suez Canal.

The $ 2 billion worth project will have been completed by 2018.

The length of the Suez Canal is 163 km, the width varies from 120 m to 318 m and the depth is 20m.

In average 48 vessels passes the canal daily.  It serves for 15% of the world trade and  for 20% of the oil transportation.

Shipping charges generate $ 5 billion income to Egypt.