Tunnel will be built under the skyscraper in Khabarovsk

The length of the tunnel under the skyscraper “Pure Diamond”, which is under construction itself, will be 250 m, the carriageway width – 16 m, the pedestrian walkway width – 3 metres. The cost of the project is 1.8 billion rubles. The “Top-down” construction method will be used.

The exit of the building is designed at the  6th basement level. Also the design of the project includes underground parking with 1,600 available space at the 5th basement  level. The parking will include pedestrian passageways with escalators and lifts.

Photo source: dvnovosti.ru

This tunnel should increase the transport capacity of the street nearby and improve environmental situation, reducing the exhaust emission by a factor of 8 in the summer and 14 in the winter.

The investment company “Smena Trading” is in charge for the construction of the 202.6 metres height skyscraper in Khabarovsk. The project design is developed by British company PRP Architects.

Management representative, professor of the Seoul University Jason Lee is known for being one of the authors of the Lotte World Tower project, a 550 metres high tower in Seoul. 

The estimated cost of the structure with the total area of 79,880 square metres (including 30,420 square metres of underground space) is about $ 200 million.

Photo source: dvnovosti.ru
It is planned to land 20,300 square metres for offices, 12,128 square metres for retailing and food service, the hotel will occupy 11,440 square metres. Luxury offices will occupy level from 8 to 26, with total area of 2,070 square metres.
There will be the Sky Bar at the top 3 floors of the building. The underground section of the skyscraper will include trade area as well as the transport infrastructure facilities.