ACUUS 2016 conference to be held with support of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The organizing committee of ACUUS 2016 has received support from scientists of St. Petersburg Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

At a meeting with the General Director of the Association of Underground Builders and Designers, member of the Board of Directors of ACUUS Sergey Alpatov, the Center’s Vice Chairman for Research and Director of the Solomenko Institute of Transportation Issues of RAS Oleg Bely emphasized the importance of professional cooperation and exchange between Russian and international underground city development communities.

He said that underground construction, especially of the subway, is one of the most important development directions for St. Petersburg’s transportation complex.

“I believe that the Leningrad, now St. Petersburg subway is one of the most advanced in the world, and that gives me a reason to hope that we can turn transportation infrastructure development to underground exploration, on solid scientific principles,” said Mr. Bely.

He also noted that the director of the Research Center Zhores Alferov supports the idea of holding an ACUUS 2016 conference and believes that combing practical experience and academic science will allow to solve the most complex problems in underground exploration.

The XV ACUUS conference, to be held in St. Petersburg from the 12th to the 15th of September, is set to become a central even for the global professional community. Its Russian destination should attract the attention of government and society at large to underground infrastructure expansion.