Delays in Kerch Bridge project

Forbes reports that construction of railway connections on the Crimean side of the Kerch bridge has not yet begun.

No federal customer for this work is specified in the Crimea and Sevastopol federal special-purpose development program 2020.

The authorities of the Republic of Crimea were supposed to arrange for railway connections on their side. They appointed Crimean Railways as the project’s customer, but that company in the end of 2015 became subordinated to the Federal Agency for Railway Transport (Roszheldor) - not listed as a federal customer for the special-purpose program.

Now the program has to be changed to set up a construction tender and pick a contractor.

Until tender on railway connections to Kerch bridge is held, the project will only continue to slip behind schedule; it is already six months delayed.

Completion of work on the connections was expected before the end of 2018, but the deadlines may have to shift now.

The peninsula remains accessible only by ferry or plane. The connections are supposed to link the bridge to Crimean railways and make train delivery of passengers and cargo possible.

The special-purpose program evaluates the connections on the Kerch side at RUB 18 bln, but for now no portion of that money may be paid even for already completed work.