Underwater museum to open at Kronstadt’s Petrovsky Docks

The St. Petersburg Council of Cultural Heritage spoke in favor of creating an underwater archeology museum at Peter the Great’s docks in Kronstadt.

The concept had been developed by OJSC Institute Lenproektrestavratsia on order of the Underwater Exploration Center of the Russian Geographic Society with participation of the Kronstadt Historical Museum.

A restoration concept for the docks and four architectural proposals for the exteriors are ready at this point.

About RUB 6 bln will be invested in the project.

Creating a museum at Petrovsky Docks is part of a sweeping development plan for Kronstadt approved by the government of St. Petersburg in February of 2016.

The docks’ historical appearance and their unique hydrotechnics will be restored, dock chambers will accommodate a museum of the Russian Center of Underwater Archeology.

To protect the docks from the environment, transparent barriers no higher than 12 m will be erected.

Inside the docks an underwater exposition and a historical wharf will be recreated. A restoration lab will also be set up.

Inspection galleries will be arranged below water level that visitors could examine objects from different angles.  

Tsar Peter ordered the construction of the docks and made the first plans in 1719.

The structure takes up around 58K sq m.

Until 2015 the docks had been administered by the Russian Ministry of Defense, now they are St. Petersburg city property and managed by the Kronstadt Historical Museum.

Main gate of Petrovsky Docks (from huan-de-vsad.livejournal.com by Sergey Ali ( huan_de_vsad))