The new exit for the Saint Petersburg metro station under the Neva river opens!

On the 27th of May, 2015, the opening ceremony for the new exit of the “Sportivnaya” station that leads to the other side of the river was held.  The project has been accomplished before its time and became a present for the day when Saint Petersburg celebrates its day of foundation. 


The governor of the city Georgiy Poltavchnko, JSC “Metrostroy” CEO  Vadim Alexandrov,  vice-governor and other authorities and specialists from related organizations and institutes took part in the ceremony.

During his speech the Governor emphasized that the structure has unique characteristics. Also this station will help the passengers of the nearest station from the other line, that is about to be closed for reconstruction. It is important that all the works were performed in the historical center of the city, without making any disturbance.  And this exit of the station is the first in the city equipped with travelators.

“We should thank “Metrostroy”. But there is a lot of work ahead, the new stations should appear not only on the Day of the City, but more often” – said Georgiy Poltavchenko.



The preparations for the construction of the second exit across the Neva river from the existing station started in 2010, when the engineering lines were removed from the future construction site.  The Contract with the cost of 6.7 billion rubles (about 10 million euros) was signed between the City government and JSC “Metrostroy” by the end of the 2012. During the period of  2013 - 2014 the inclined tunnel and the hall were constructed.

“Sportivnaya” is a unique two-level single-vault deep station, 4 trains may be at the station at the same time on two lines. This type of construction was applied for the first time in the world here. The levels connected by 6 small escalators in two groups of 3. The decision to make the station two-leveled came from the wish to join the actual station and the future station that would belong to the circle line. Such an idea allows increasing of the traffic capacity and shortens the time required for interchange.  

The main hall of the new additional exit is decorated with the mosaic smalt board designed by the same authors who made the “Sportivnaya” station - artist A. Bystrov, member of the Acedemy of Fine Arts, architect A. Konstantinov.   The theme of the decorative board completes the theme of the original station -  the Olympic Games, Ancient Greece.

By the time the “Sportivnaya” station was opened in 1997, small sections of the 4 future tunnels of the circle line were constructed. The architects of the “Sportivnaya” station are: A. Konstantinov, V. Volonsevich, O. Kuznetsov.