Drilling completed for the “Frunzensky radius” - the extension of the metro Line 5 in Saint Petersburg

JSC “Metrostroy” accomplished the drilling for the double-track tunnel for the extension of the Line 5, the works started on 23th of January, 2014.  The drilling was carried out with the TBM S-782, named Nadezhda. New stations are planned to be open in 2018. 

TBM S-782 (Herrenknecht AG)


The project of the double-track tunnel was implemented for the first time in the city. Traditionally the tunnel sections are constructed as two different parallel tunnels for one train each. For the sake of cost-optimization as well as time limits improvement, JSC “Metrostroy”  collaborative with Design institute “Lenmetrogiprotrans” and German colleagues from Herrenknecht AG developed the method of the double-track tunnel construction in Saint-Petersburg geological conditions.  

It helped with the development of the technical facilities, development of the new materials and equipment, appearance of the new technologies for drilling in the difficult geological conditions without settlements.

Double-track tunnel, a section of the Line5


Two rails in one tunnel reduce the number of expensive equipment, and also quicken the construction process, a lot of tunnel facilities also become unnecessary.
Consequently, the platforms will be placed in unusual for Saint Petersburg metro way, on the sides of the rails, not in the middle like at all the other stations.  The drilling started from the construction pit at the future above-the-ground station “Yuzhnaya”, progressively declining to the depth of 56 m at the station “Prospect Slavy”.