80th anniversary of the outstanding Russian scientist

On the 1st of March, 2015, the 80-anniversary was celebrated of famous Russian hydro-geologist Valery Mironenko. 

Valery Mironenko played a crucial role in the shaping of several modern branches of hydro-geology in Russia.

His science school’s achievements impressed local and foreign scientists. The list of his published papers includes scores of scientific books.

Being a great teacher, Valery Mironenko trained hundreds of engineers, including 5 Doctors of Science. 

Also he was a member of the Research Council of Russian Academy of Science For Challenges of Geological Engineering, Hydro-geology and Geocryology, participated in numerous international scientific conferences.

He was the foreign member of American Institute of Hydrology, the member of  International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, and the UN expert.

The special website (in Russian) dedicated to Valery Mironenko was launched to commemorate his memory on the 1st of March:  http://www.vmironenko.ru.