The interesting station in Saint Petersburg is 90% ready

The construction works at the site of “Sportivnaya-2” metro station are about to be completed. The first glimpse of the interior the representatives of the Saint Petersburg media were given while visiting the construction site. 

The opening of the station is planned for the 27th of May, 2015, the day when citizens celebrate  the foundation of Saint Petersburg.

At present it is the time for the finishing works and setting-up works, also the ThyssenKrupp Elevator travelators are being checked numerous times. This is the first time travelators will be used in Saint Petersburg metro.  
The length of each section where travelators placed in two separate blocks with 3 in line is 115 m. So if one is out of work, another will be still operating.

The artist Alexander Bystrov from the Academy of Arts of Saint Petersburg who created  the design for the station took his inspiration in sport, the theme of the mosaic decoration is the starting of the Olympic Games.
The underground hall of the station is located under the square on the embankment, with the depth of 7 m, the total square is about 3700 sq. m. “It is very complicated project from the technical point of view, located under the Neva river. Our specialists performed the unique work” ,  -  commented Alexey Starkov, the chief engineer, deputy director of JFC “Metrostroy”.

This project should help with transport accessibility for the Basil Island, the large district in the center of Saint Petersburg.