New Enhanced Geothermal System obtained within Iceland Deep Drilling Project.

IDDP specialists managed not only to additionally investigate the hole to magma but also to drill down into the molten magma.  Any works with magma are quite rare in the world and never included drilling before.

The bore hole was drilled in 2008 and 2009 and ended in a molten magma at 2,100 m depth, with a temperature of 900-1,000C. Later additional researches took place and special works were performed resulting in creation of the new EGS system.

Implemented technology allows gaining enormous geothermal heat, with the temperature being over 450 C, the hottest in the world.

This project, being successful, made IDDP-1 the first to produce the high-enthalpy geothermal system, created with drilling.  The unique feature of this system is that it uses the water heated directly from molten magma. Previously in different other projects the water was heated with hot rocks at the depth of 4-5 km and never from molten magma.
The hole is unusable at the moment, but the project has a significant meaning as a scientific experiment, that leads to future use of such a systems.

Iceland Deep Drilling Project is a joint scientific and research project of three Icelandic Energy companies – HS Energy ltd, National Power Company, Reykjavik Energy and the National Energy Authority of Iceland.  The last is specializing in investigation of utilizing geothermal fluid at substantially higher temperatures and from deeper wells than currently used today.

You can read the detailed description of the system and about its creation at