Moscow metro: Both lines from “Yugo-zapadnaya” to “Troparevo” are completed

It took seven months to complete the construction of the right hand interstation tunnel from station “Yugo-zapadnaya” to the station “Troparevo” as a part of Sokolnicheskaya line.

It took five and a half months to drive the tunnel with a length of 1330 m using Herrenknecht TBM “Eva” and almost a month it took to assemble the TBM. OAO “Mosmetrostroy” authorities, while visiting the construction site, congratulated workers and the whole crew of OOO “Tonnel-2001” on a successful and pre-scheduled completion of work.

TBM reaches reception shaft

Earlier the left hand interstation tunnel was driven using the same TBM. Taking into consideration some difficulties,   TBM was recovered and hydraulic fill pipeline was reinforced. Four experienced tunneling crews worked together as usual. Their proficiency was very important for this project, since the part of the right hand tunnel’s route with a length of about 1 km lied beneath large sized Vernadsky Prospect.  No subsidence was registered.

Finished tunnel

In the near future TBM cutting head will be removed from the tunnel and the disassembling of  the rotating cutting wheel will be performed. Sokolnicheskaya line extension to the South  is planned as the next site for “Eva”. In spring “Mosmetrostroy” workers will start driving of interstation tunnel between “Salar’yevo” and “Rumyantsevo”.

Two more TBM “Anastasia” and “Liya” simultaneously are driving from “Troparevo” station to “Rumyantsevo”, building two parallel spans for the future metro line.
The new section of Sokolnicheskaya line is scheduled to be operational in 2014.