Herrenknecht TBM helps to complete Hydro project in Austria

Gripper TBM type tunnel boring machine performed significant amount of work during “Bärenwerk” hydro plan modernization in Austria. The hydro plant has been operating since 1924. Local school children named the TRM “Buddelbär”, in German it means “digging bear”. 

2,8 km – long  tunnel was constructed with TBM, suited for fast tunneling in hard –rock.  It took five and a half months with a speed of 72 meters per day to perform required work, with the breakthrough being celebrated on 10th of September 2013. The Tunnel is 3830 mm in diameter.
Modernization will increase the capacity of the plant almost in three times, up to 14,96 megawatts. The operator  would be able to supply about 19 000 households with electricity.