Strategic planning of urban areas development with consideration for integrated underground space use

Friday, 14 March 2014 10:34
K2_AuthorTagAndrey Panferov, JSC “Design Bureau for high-rise structures and subsurface structures», CEO; Alexander Ledyaev, Doctor of Engineering Science, Petersburg State Transport University vice-principal, Head of the Department “Tunnels and metro systems”

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In the beginning of 1970-es in Leningrad the General Plan of underground space use was created by 20 leading design bureaus. It was a unique project,  long-term town-planning program of urban underground space use, allowing to implement the projects of improving and shaping urban area and improving of the quality of underground infrastructure for 20-25 years (until the year 2000).

Carried out estimations proved that Saint Petersburg geotechnical conditions allow implementing the program of underground space use even with restrained urban conditions in the historical center of the city.  It was decided to start the program, but due to some political and economic reasons its implementation was first postponed and later declined.  Recent town-planning documents do not take into consideration the previous plan. Moreover simple ways of solving main city issues are no longer accessible due to the infill construction of the last 20 years that left no space for transport hubs construction, parking, new metro stations, parks and gardens.
New General plan until 2050 including underground space scheme of planning should be improved.

Keywords:  General Plan, town-planning, city planning, underground infrastructure

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