District development management policies carried out by using the physical infrastructure

Thursday, 13 March 2014 11:40
K2_AuthorTagNikolai Bobylev, Ph.D. in Technical Science., Birmingham University research associate

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With rapid urbanization being the main force for many countries development, management of urbanized districts development becomes a primary challenge for the authorities at all levels, local or national.
Administration issues regarding cities’ development are traditionally solved with the decisions on planning of social and economic development and land-use. 

Laws, state programs, development of the general plans are main tools for such planning. Physical infrastructure of the cities is often considered as a necessary condition for implementation of development theories, but on rare occasion it is considered to be a direct tool for implementation of programs and concepts.

The article presents the matter of physical infrastructure with a focus on urban underground infrastructure.   

Keywords: administration, management, physical infrastructure, planning, urban underground infrastructure

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