Creation of Urban planning documentation required for integrated urban underground space development at the stage of spatial planning (Saint Petersburg case)

Thursday, 13 March 2014 11:17
K2_AuthorTagAnna Barysheva, “Paritet Group” chief architect

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Recently some additional schemes related to underground space use should be added to the General Plan of Saint Petersburg.

Besides common principles of horizontal zoning it is important to take into consideration its vertical zoning as well. «Vertical zoning» should be, first of all, based on natural and technology-related geological conditions.  

Possible functional use of underground space is quite determined at the moment (engineering, transport, social, production).  It is closely related to functional zoning of a day surface of the city.

Developed underground space should be considered as living environment, so urban underground space development has integrated, global social and economic character.

Keywords: vertical zoning, horizontal zoning, General Plan, Underground space use, living environment, urban underground space

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