Underground space development of a big scale in Saint Petersburg soft ground (case of Mariinsky Theatre’s second stage construction)

Thursday, 13 March 2014 11:09
K2_AuthorTagKshishtof Pomorski, Rashid. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, OAO “KB VIPS”

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Steel sheet-pile wall was planned for construction at first.  But it proved itself not sufficient for securing excavation wall stiffness. It was planned to construct additionally horizontal diaphragm wall at the depth of 12-14 m with jet-grouting method to provide sheet-pile wall stiffness. Even in this case analysis proved that settlements could be dangerous for the buildings nearby.  Thus it was suggested to construct outside the sheet-pile wall a vertical reinforced concrete-soil diaphragm wall with jet-grouting method with a length of 18 m and width of 1 m app. Then previously constructed steel sheet-pile wall and concrete-soil wall were to be joined together with a single reinforced concrete beam.  

Excavation was planned to be performed with “Top-Down” method starting from the depth of 4.15 m. For the warranted safety of the buildings it was recommended to construct ahead additionally compensation piles with the collar method, reinforcement with piles “Titan” being carried out later.

Keywords: sheet-pile wall, jet-grouting,“Top-Down” method, diaphragm wall

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