Interior inspection and pipe cleaning with push-pull ultra sound system Piglet

Thursday, 13 March 2014 10:55
K2_AuthorTagOrlov V., doctor of engineering, professor, head of the department «Water supply», National Research University Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU), RSTT vice-president, Meshkova N. MGSU student

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The article describes pipeline diagnostics. While operating engineering systems of different purpose their diagnostics requires a lot of attention, for example their intactness and encrustation of pipes with loads and rust, that lead to standard operation time reduction. Diagnosis of any negative effects at early stages and their effective correction could be provided by different modifications of Piglet system. 

Advanced data gathering system keeps all the information recorded, securing its further detailed analysis. Innovative approach within updated Piglet system is the use of optical fiber of 250 mm diameter, being in a moving module, instead of thick cables. Optical fiber coil unwinds while moving in the pipe line until the end of the maintenance room of it.  

While Piglet module moving backwards optical fiber is collected in the temporary launching gear.  New optical fiber coil is to be used for each new pipe survey. One of Piglet System advantages is a complete clearness of the process even for stubborn soiling.

Keywords: pipe survey, pipe operating, pipeline cleaning system methods.

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