Spiral wound technology of trenchless rehabilitation experience in Moscow

Thursday, 13 March 2014 10:24
K2_AuthorTag Ishmuratov R., OOO “Metaplast-S” CEO, Stepanov V. , OOO “Metaplast-S” engineering director, Orlov V. , doctor of engineering, professor, head of the department «Water supply», National Research University Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU)

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The article describes aspects of spiral wound technology with polymeric tape, forming the new tube within the old one.  Processing sequence for implementation of particular modifications of the technology is described also, including examples of its implementation for renovation of utility line d420 mm. The objects of storm-water drainage and waste water disposal system with a wide scale of diameters and lengths renovated with the described technology are listed in the article.  

Spiral wound technology could be described as one of innovative technologies and most popular trenchless technology of recent decade. This technology is used in many countries thanks to a possibility of immediate renovation of damaged pipe-lines under pressure and gravity pipe-lines with a minimal costs and also minimal environment impact.

Keywords:  trenchless technology, Spiral wound technology, pipeline, polymeric tape, tubular annulus

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